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PO BOX 357 ~ 671 WABASH AVENUE ~ CARTHAGE, IL 62321  217-357-6984
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DEFEAT DECAY SEALANT DAYEach School in Hancock County is given the opportunity to bring their children to the Dental Center for a day of fun and educational presentations. EVERY child receives a comprehensive oral exam by Dr. Moon, cavity detecting x-rays, cleaning, fluoride treatment, and any necessary sealants on permanent molars and premolars. Also, while the children are at the Dental Center, the excellent health educators of the Health Department cover a variety of health related topics in a fun setting. Some topics include: How much sugar is in what we eat, saying no to tobacco, importance of proper hand washing, exercise, what to expect at the dentist, healthy food choices and heart smart. If you are a parent or educator in Hancock County and would like more information on how your school can participate, please contact our office today.

The Hancock County Dental Center has provided this program since 2009. During the first two years, the program was only for children who received free or reduced lunches in the schools. After listening to concerns from parents and teachers, the decision was made to open the program up to EVERY child.  We believe that this erases any stereotypes or labels that may be put on the children or their families whom participate. We also felt that there were still children who were going without care due to the guidelines previously set. As the stats below show– the response to this decision was overwhelming.

DENTAL HOME This program is very dear to us. We are not a one time visit from a dentist; we are part of our community. Each child’s complete dental record is on file, and each parent is sent a letter stating what the child received and what treatment the child needs. Each parent is encouraged to set an appointment here at the Dental Center for any dental care their child may need, or set a continuing care appointment in six months. This also ensures that we can check retention rates on sealants and be able to speak with the parents about their child’s dental health. A state dental exam form is also sent to the school for each child. We work very closely with our schools to help them fulfill the obligation to the State of Illinois.

FUNDING – All services provided on Sealant Day are completely free of charge to the families. If the child is covered under Medicaid, Kid Care or any dental insurance, fees are billed at the Medicaid reimbursement rate. If a child meets the criteria for the IDPH Sealant grant, charges are billed accordingly. For all remaining children, services are provided in kind by the Hancock County Dental Center. Each year, the Dental Center provides over $30,000 in services and staff for this program. The Hancock County Health Department, Hancock County Health and Wellness Coalition, and The Hancock County Dental Center seeks out grants and donations to help support this program. If you would like to support this program, you can contact us at (217)357-6984 to make a donation.

As clearly shown below, our “Defeat Decay Sealant Day” program stands above the rest.
The Dental Center staff works year-round to enhance this program, with abundant attention to detail on creating an enjoyable dental experience for every child. All of our services are provided in our office. This allows children to familiarize themselves with all the sights and sounds; therefore if a child needs to return to the office for further treatment, the office is already known as a safe and fun atmosphere. Each and every staff member takes time to speak with the children and get to know them. This furthers our belief that children will be more comfortable upon returning if they can see a friendly, familiar face.

Services Provided

 Hancock County Dental

Mobile Dental Providers

Dental Exam



Cavity detecting x-rays



Full face diagnostic x-rays










(molars & premolars)

(molars only)

Provides contact directly with parents



Establishes “Dental Home” initiatives set forth by IDPH



Can complete all treatment for each child




4 schools
240 exams
306 sealants
285 cavities

3 schools
206 students
265 sealants
346 cavities

3 schools
119 students
169 sealants
201 cavities

3 schools
138 students
166 sealants
267 cavities


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