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 Environmental Health

Services provided by our Environmental Health Division include:

Abandoned Wells - Abandoned wells present a serious safety hazard for children and may contaminate the water supply. A permit is required before sealing a well, which must be done within thirty days after a well is abandoned. We have brochures available detailing the proper methods of sealing a well.

Body Art Establishment Inspections - Regular inspections of body art establishments are conducted throughout Hancock County. Body Art establishments must meet certain state requirements in order to receive approval from the State of Illinois. Annual fees: $500.00 for initial work station; $50.00 for each additional work station within the establishment.

Food Sanitation Education - Our professional environmental health practitioner will visit schools, businesses, or organizations to discuss proper food handling, storage methods and overall food safety. Please call Jeff for more information.

Food Service Establishment Inspections - Regular inspections are made of food service establishments throughout the county. We check for temperature, cleanliness of facility, storage practices, and disposal of waste products. Inspections are required at mobile and temporary establishments as well.

Temporary Food Service Regulations (pdf)

Temporary Food Service Permit Application (pdf)

Temporary Food Event Handwashing Station (pdf)

Application of Food Service Permit (pdf)

Non-Profit Application for Food Service Permit (pdf)

Bake Sale (pdf)

Cottage Food Brochure 2022(pdf)

Cottage Food Special Instructions 2022(pdf)

Cottage Food Registration April 2022(pdf)

Educational Information

Food Allergy Awareness Notice (pdf)

Wash, Rince, Sanitize Poster (pdf)

Salad Bar Safety (pdf)

Permits for Private Septic Systems - State law requires a permit before a septic system may be installed or renovated. Applications are available at the health department and require 48 hours notice, prior to commencing work. Permits are issued by the HCHD for a $125.00 charge.

Real Estate Septic and Well Evaluation Program - Most lenders will require an evaluation of the existing septic and water supply systems on a property before closing a loan for the purchase of a home. For a nominal fee, we will evaluate and test your system and provide a report to the lender.

Tanning Salon Inspections - Regular inspections of tanning salons and beds are conducted throughout Hancock County. Tanning salons must meet certain state requirements in order to receive approval from the State of Illinois.

Water Supply Testing - Test bottles are available for residents to collect their own samples. The samples are tested for bacterial and nitrate contamination. Our staff sanitarians will interpret the results and suggest corrective methods. Home visits are a possible option.

Well Water - Permits for drilling must be obtained from the Health Department. A permit is required before any new well may be dug, drilled, driven or bored.  Permits are also required for the deepening of a well.

Environmental Web Sites Reference
These sites will provide information related to the tenants of Environmental Health.


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